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    BLAZE Bronze - Gaming PC System

    Step into the world of elite gaming with the Blaze Bronze system. Equipped with the Intel Core i7-12700KF and the Gigabyte RTX 4070 Gaming OC, this rig guarantees an exceptional gaming experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own it.
    €1850.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    BLAZE Gold - Gaming PC System

    Experience gaming supremacy with the Blaze Gold system. Featuring the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X and the awe-inspiring Gigabyte RTX 4080 Aorus Master, this setup guarantees extraordinary performance. Own it today
    €3600.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    BLAZE Platinum - Gaming PC System

    Behold the ultimate gaming experience with our Blaze Platinum system. Boasting the Intel Core i9 13900K and the groundbreaking Gigabyte RTX 4090 AORUS Master, this rig redefines what's possible in the gaming realm. Elevate your gameplay to legendary heights !
    €4850.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    BLAZE Silver - Gaming PC System

    Level up your gaming with the Blaze Silver system. Powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 7700X and the Gigabyte RTX3090 TI Gaming OC, this rig ensures unparalleled graphics and performance. Get yours now!
    €3020.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    Gigabyte Bronze System

    Gigabyte Bronze system entry level gaming System i5 13th Gen with RTX 4060Ti 64 gb ram can play latest AAA games.
    €1650.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    Gigabyte Gold System

    €3590.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    Gigabyte Platinum System

    The Gigabyte Platinum system is a powerhouse, designed to deliver top-tier gaming performance and handle resource-intensive tasks with ease. From the cutting-edge Intel processor to the RGB-accented AORUS components, it's a blend of power and aesthetics. Ideal for gamers and content creators seeking uncompromised performance.
    €4710.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    Gigabyte Silver System

    Gigabyte Silver System with AMD processor DDR5 perfect for those who use Adobe Suite and High-end gaming.
    €2560.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    VORTEX Bronze - Gaming PC System

    Get started on your gaming journey with our Bronze level system. Featuring the reliable Intel Core i3 10100F and the potent Gigabyte GTX1650, this system is your ticket to immersive gameplay without breaking the bank., it's time to start leveling up!
    €627.00 incl VAT excluding shipping

    VORTEX Gold - Gaming PC System

    Unleash the beast within with our Gold level system. Sporting the Intel Core i5 13400F and the exceptional Gigabyte RTX 4060, As well as Watercooling, this setup guarantees mind-blowing graphics and unparalleled performance. And the best part? It can be Yours!
    €1380.00 incl VAT excluding shipping